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Energy Case Study

The Gloucestershire Energy from Waste Facility uses state of the art technology to safely and efficiently combust up to 190,000 tonnes per year of residual waste – that is the waste left over after recycling and composting. The facility recovers the energy with-in the waste by combusting the leftover materials to create steam in the boiler, which is converted into electricity in the turbine.

RoS International supplied UBB during the construction phase of the facility and are a preferred supplier to their operations & maintenance team in the recruitment of permanent staff for the facility.

Metso Outotec

The MO Group provide proven solutions generate valuable energy from variable wastes, ranging from municipal sources such as SRF, RDF, construction and demolition waste, to commercial and industrial wastes and a wide variety of agricultur-al wastes. They operate and maintain a number of facilities in the UK.

RoS is a preferred supplier to the Metso Outotec group providing recruitment solutions for all their sites in the UK from Shift Operators / Shift Team Leaders to Engineering and support staff.

Ferrybridge FM2

FM2 is the larger of the two WfE plants based at Ferrybridge North Yorkshire.

It has a generating capacity of circa 70MW and produce enough energy to power around 180,000 homes.

RoS have supplied Engineers and Technicians from day one of this project.

We are now involved in recruiting for the FM3 project at Skelton Grange.

Ferrybridge FM2

Greatmoor EfW

Ferrybridge FM2

Greatmoor EfW treats up to 300,000 tonnes of residual household and commercial waste each year and, as a result, will generate approximately 22 megawatts of electricity (a significant proportion of which will be from renewable sources) for export to the local grid. This is sufficient to meet the energy demands of up to 36,000 homes.

Hitachi Zosen Inova

Enfinium Parc Adfer and Kemsley Mill Projects

The Parc Adfer facility is expected to produce 18.8MW (gross) of electrical power. Parc Adfer will also have the capability of providing valuable steam or heat to local industry and housing.

The Kemsley facility will process 550,000 tonnes of local residential and business waste fuel each year generating up to 49.9 MW (gross) of clean, renewable energy to power UK homes and businesses

Enfinium Case Study
Enfinium Case Study

We supplied Enfinium (formerly WTI UK) and their Partner SSE with construction, commissioning and operations personnel since on both the above projects. Please see what their former HR Consultant had to say about us below